Booty Bands: 7 Reasons Why You Need Them For All Your Workout Sessions

Everyone's interested in getting that all-natural booty with a tiny waist. From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B - and pretty much every other celeb on your Instagram timeline - this is the one consistent #bodygoals we're all striving for. This is where Booty Bands come into play! A mini loop resistance exercise band has become the top choice for people to get that ideal body shape. But are Booty Bands just another popular workout product with little benefits, or do they actually deliver what they promise? The latter, for sure!  


In this article, we break down 7 Reasons Why You Need Booty Bands For All Your Workout Sessions:

Quicker Results:


Booty bands aren't just a gimmick-- resistance bands are actually recommended to be used by Physical Therapists worldwide. They're quite effective in supporting your muscles even if you're just a beginner to exercise. Booty Bands work by activating your glutes and impacting your hips as you do lower body workouts. They provide external tension that your muscles work against, so basically your muscles are pretty much always working as long as the band is involved. You know the burning sensation you get while exercising? The band doesn't let your muscles catch a break until the exercise is actually over. Booty Bands can make an awesome addition to your exercise routine as the impact of your workout session lasts longer. 


Comfortable to Use


When you wear a Booty Band for all your workout sessions, it adds a layer of complexity to your workout. These bands are designed to adapt to the tension strength levels of every user. Incorporating one in exercises such as clamshells, squats, hip thrusts, leg raises and so on can up your exercise game by making them easier to do. Don't worry about how hard or fast you're moving, these resistance bands are multi-layered and durable. They stay in one place so there's no skin pinching or breakage which makes them super comfortable to use for a long time. So not only are you constantly building a bigger booty, but you're also doing it in a safe way that doesn't hurt your body. 


Perfect For Every Fitness Level


Newbie or Pro-- the benefits of a Booty Band can be reaped by everyone! There's really no specific time or level at which you have to start incorporating these resistance bands to your workouts. For instance, if you're a runner, Booty Bands can provide you the strength and stability in your hips that'll help prevent overuse injuries such as Runner's Knee. They can stop your body from compensating for your hips with different muscles too, making sure your hips are put to full use. There's a treasure trove of exercises that you can do using a Booty Band-- they range from surprisingly simple to athletic. Bottomline? Runners, Weightlifters or really anyone can benefit from the Booty Band.


Strengthen Your Upper Body Too


While you build a firmer backside, you also work out your core. The constant pressure that the band applies reaches its peak when your movements are the strongest. The metabolic stress that this causes creates muscle growth-- but when you're working out-- ALL of your body is getting exercise. Combining the Booty Band with a good warm up session can be really efficient for your upper body. Using resistance bands to quake up your abs isn't unheard of. You don't need any fancy dumbbells or equipment. Just a Booty Band, a mat and some music to get you started. Ab workouts are intense on their own, but a Booty Band is definitely going to whip up a 6-pack when you add them to your routine!


Versatile and Adaptable


Unfortunately, many of us are still living under lockdown, but that's no excuse to skip out on exercise! While gyms have been closed down, Booty Bands can save up so much space for workouts in your own home. You can workout pretty much every part of your body and it's proven to deliver gym-like results! There's some really intense arm exercises that you can do using a booty band. They're a really good alternative to dumbbells and can add so much more intensity to every rep. Squats, lunges or stretches-- Booty Bands are the single-most versatile piece of gym equipment that you can get your hands on. They come in different sets and sizes, so you can adapt them to the kinds of exercises that you want to do. The extra resistance always rewards your body with a more efficient session the longer you carry on.


Pain Free Workout Sesh!


Booty Bands can help you prevent pain in the knee, hips, back or even feet by stabilizing and strengthening key areas that cause it in the first place. No wonder why they're also used in Physical Therapy! With these mini resistance bands, you can jog, cycle and run for longer periods of time as they train your muscles to break and rebuild into stronger ones. Booty Bands activate your glutes and abductor muscles, stabilize your pelvis and take a lot of pressure off your lower back. This makes them the perfect addition to your exercise routine as you get older or lose some of your strength and stamina. 


Light, Portable, Convenient


This pretty much goes without saying, but Booty Bands are pretty convenient. Once you start getting used to the intensity that Booty Bands brings to the table, exercising without it will feel incomplete. Fortunately, you can take it along with you everywhere that you go and never miss out on exercising with the resistance level that you get accustomed to. Burning more calories with the intensity it provides, building more muscle with the metabolic stress it pumps out and preventing overuse injuries are all plus points for this vital exercise equipment!


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