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You've got gorgeous curves, so why not show them off?! At least that is what the women who are wearing their Luxe Waisted trainers believe.


Darlene  is the inspiration behind this exciting brand. She is helping to inspire all women of different shapes and sizes to feel more confident and motivated. Real women, with real curves. "You can always tell who the strong women are. They're the ones building other women up instead of tearing them down." -Yes Honey


Our Luxe Waisted trainers are made of high quality materials. When women put them on, they immediately feel the difference compared to any other fitness waist trainer. The instant hourglass waist you get from wearing a Luxe Waisted trainer is giving women of all sizes the confidence and motivation to reach their fitness goals.


I lost 30 pounds and eight inches off my mid-section in just 1 year! I was consistent and used the waist trainer everyday, people were amazed by my total body transformation, and wanted to know my secret. I loved my waist trainer so much, I decided to help other women regain their body confidence. Now, that’s what I do, and I love it! Darlene Lopez, Owner Luxe Waisted


Join thousands of women from around the world, who are loving their results! Luxe Waisted trainers are available in XS-6XL because every woman deserves to feel beautiful. We would love you to join our growing movement. Feel the momentum, and remember, "sexy is not a size, it's a feeling!"

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